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Cometto MSPE

  • Drake Trailers is Australia's exclusive agent of Cometto Self-Propelled Electronic Modular Trailers (MSPE).

  • Cometto MSPE series, self-propelled modular trailers, are designed for specialised transport companies and heavy-duty industries, as they form customised mobile lifting platforms of any dimension and shape, with payload capacities to more than 15,000t

  • Cometto's provide a complete transport system for industrial installation, Ro-Ro operation and heavy cargo.

  • The Cometto system features several families with different characteristics, dimensions and payloads, while maintaining core commonalities that allow full interchangeability among the different product lines.

  • The openness and flexibility of the electronic management ensure the expandability of the system to suit future needs without incurring the risk of obsolescence. 

  • Faymonville is a leading manufacturer of special trailers and semi-trailers for the special transport industry. 

  • Contact Drake Trailers today to see how a Faymonville Cometto multidirectional, self-propelled vehicle can assist your business with heavy-duty transport.

Standard Features

  • Each family is available in 2.43 metres or 3 metres width and 3, 4, 5 and 6 axle lines layout

  • Cometto Management Software (CMS) controls all the functions needed to handle large projects

  • Cometto MSPE series offer several vehicles combinations and interconnections between the various families
  • Highest payloads are achieved with tubeless tyres, with clear advantages in terms of durability and ground aggression

  • Patented Hydraulic Advanced System enables synchronised lifting pressure and ground loads when different MSPE families are mixed in the same convoy

Auxiliary and optional equipment

  • The system offers a choice among three families, identified by greater capacities: MSPE 40T, MSPE 48T, MSPE EVO2 60T, MSPE EV03 70T

  • The wide range of PPU (Power Pack Units) permits to comply with any requirements and assures maximum flexibility

  • The system is completed with all types of optional accessories, like spacers, bolsters, driving platform and cabins

  • A wide range of accessories and components (also customisable) such as lateral and widening coupling kits and remote, turntables, spacers, platforms, cabins etc. 

Cometto Brochure


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