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Customer in Focus: Turbine Blades shifted by Toll Group

When transport industry giant Toll Group needed a trailer – capable of transporting 64 x 45 metre long wind turbine blades, as well as 30 metre long top tower sections – they knew they could count on a 4X4 Telescopic Steerable from Drake Trailers.

Tackling the toughest logistical challenges together with Toll

Destined for the Mount Mercer Wind Farm in western Victoria, these super-size turbine components, manufactured in India, South Korea and China by international turbine manufacturer Senvion, arrived at the port of Geelong, which marked the beginning of the 70km journey to the wind farm.

Owned by New Zealand energy company, Meridian, the Mount Mercer Wind Farm has the capacity to generate 131 Megawatts of energy, which is enough renewable energy to power the city of Ballarat.

The transportation of the massive turbine components required meticulous planning with port authorities and road transport agencies. For the first time in Victoria, night-time transportation was approved to transport the blades and the top tower sections of the turbines. This was due to the rigorous safety management processes in place and quality compliance of all the transport equipment being used, including our 4X4 Telescopic Extendable Steerable trailer, which was pushed to its full 45m extendable limit as it transported each of the 64 turbine blades.

Commitment to Teamwork

A challenging logistics process such as this requires total commitment and seamless communication from all parties involved. Over the course of the turbine installation, up to 60 personnel were dedicated solely to the transport aspects of the nine-month long turbine install, maintaining full compliance with rules and regulations.  

In total, over 500 components were delivered to the Mount Mercer Wind Farm for the site to become fully operational. Drake Trailers are delighted to have been one of the land transport partners involved in such a successful project, which Toll says built excellent relationships with project stakeholders while engaging the wider community.

Drake Trailers is proud to be associated with companies such as Toll Group, Senvion and Meridian, who share the same commitment to quality and workmanship that we do.

Contact us to discuss how we can be your transport partner for your next major logistics challenge.

heavy haulage logistics

Telescopic Extendable Steerable Trailer

Telescopic Extendable Steerable Trailer

Telescopic Extendable Steerable Trailer

heavy haulage logistics

heavy haulage logistics

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