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Recent Deliveries February 2018

As much as we love seeing photos of Drake and O'Phee trailers out on the road and doing their thing on-site, there’s a certain affinity we have for seeing our most recent deliveries roll out of the manufacturing facility for the first time. Look at some of our latest efforts and you will see why.

Extendable BoXLoader Multiloader for Ian Parr Transport

Firstly, O’Phee Trailers are proudly displaying the Extendable BoXLoader, which was commissioned by Ian Parr Transport. This Emerald green beauty is the first of its kind of rO'Phee Trailers. Being an extendable, it is capable of handling 40ft, 45ft and 48ft containers. The side loader cranes are fully radio remote controlled and can lift 35 tonnes of cargo effortlessly. 

Side loaders such as the BoXLoader allow for more versatility and convenience where space is tight and have proven their worth since their introduction in 2011. With a focus on safety, this trailer is fitted with disc brakes which offer excellent stopping performance, as do the onboard sensors that monitor aspects of crane arm position and any container movement. These elements reduce risk factors during day-to-day operation. 

Ian Parr Transport operates out of Cloncurry, just near Mount Isa, so we know this trailer will see some serious mileage over the coming years, backed up by O’Phee’s dedication to reliability and customer service.

4X4 Widener for Pilbara Iron Company

Meanwhile, an eye-catching, bright yellow 4X4 Full Widener has just rolled out of manufacturing and into the fleet of, Pilbara Iron Company (Services) Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Rio Tinto Group.

Perth based Pilbara Iron Company provide mining operations and maintenance, corporate, and site support services. They also offer corporate and site support services, including legal services, human resources, HS&E, external affairs and pride themselves on using a modern fleet. Pilbara Iron Company are involved in the mining of iron ore, predominantly from the Pilbara region of Western Australia. As part of their mine site services, this 4X4 Full Widener trailer will be a perfect fit for their trailer range.  

The 4X4 Full Widener trailer is designed for heavy-duty conditions across the country, while not compromising on quality and control. With a range of customisable options including low profile or hydraulic goosenecks or hydraulic spare tyre cranes, Drake Trailers can make the perfect 4X4 Widener for your needs. With this kind of versatility and support, it’s no wonder this has been Australia’s most in-demand model for over 50 years.

4X4 Full Widener Standard Features:

  • Hydraulic suspension on all models
  • Level deck
  • Various axel options
  • Hydraulic controlled ramps
  • Two horizontal spare tyre carriers
  • 5.5hp p/start petrol hydraulic power pack
  • Stainless steel hydraulic tubing
  • Alloy water tank
  • Manual hydraulic widening
  • Grit blasted & painted in 2 pac paint
  • Push point
  • Drop legs
  • Lockable toolboxes
  • LED lighting

Contact The Drake Group today to find the perfect trailer for your fleet. We design, manufacture and support trailers of any shape and size to suit your needs. 


Ian Parr Transport 

Ian Parr Transport

Ian Parr Transport

Ian Parr Transport

Pilbara Iron Company (Services) Pty Ltd 

Pilbara Iron Company

Pilbara Iron Company

Pilbara Iron Company

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