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With 60 years of proven experience under its proverbial belt, The Drake Group has owed part of its success to its commitment to quality in every aspect of its production. In addition to meticulously designing its range of heavy haulage trailers so they would easily handle even the roughest conditions Australian roads have to offer, the Wacol-based facility manufactures their own products. Therefore, maintaining the strength and durability of the trailer from initial concept to final product requires the best tools and materials available. Therefore, working with SSAB has become so important.

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As visitors to the Drake Group open day can attest, visiting the company’s massive manufacturing facility in Wacol is a fantastic experience. We’re certainly hoping that our friends from the New Zealand Heavy Haulage feel the same way after they paid us a visit in August.

National Tradesmen Day

It’s National Tradesmen Day on the third Friday in September – go on, thank a tradie! 

Australian Performance Indices Manufacturing Index September 2018

Every month, the Australian Industry Group Australian Performance of Manufacturing Index reveals what the landscape of Australian manufacturing looks like across a variety of industries and sectors. The data, compiled from information provided by various companies involved in manufacturing around the country, asking them if they have seen any growth or reduction in the following aspects of their operations:

We drive the way we live Insights into safer driving for work

Stressed out, depressed or unsatisfied with your life or work? According to new research, you’re more likely to be an unsafe driver.

Work-Related Injury and Disease In Australian Truck Drivers

The Australian transport and logistics sector employs an impressive 1.2 million people. Recently Safe Work Australia identified this sector as a priority for improving worker health and safety. Cue the Driving Health Study, which was established in conjunction with the research team at Monash University.

Steerable Extendable

While trucks are a common sight across our labyrinth of highways across the country these days, it wasn’t always like this. Even 100 years ago our road infrastructure was completely different and the way we transported livestock, goods and cargo was markedly different from how it works today.

Australian trailer manufacturer

When Col Drake commenced operations of Drake Trailers, he could never have imagined what his business would look like 60 years later. Cut to the present day with John (2nd generation), and Sam and Maggie (3rd generation) continuing the Drake legacy, the family has remained at the cornerstone of this business.


The Swingwing is one of The Drake Group’s signature line of trailers. Immediately upon its introduction in 1969, it was clear that there was nothing on the market like it, and the line has received equal parts praise and refinement since.

Donmay Tspt B-Double Lead Flattop

B-Doubles are one of the most popular classes of heavy haulage trailer combinations seen on Australia’s roads every day, but while they’re often confused for road trains they are not the same thing.