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Browning Transport

O’Phee Trailers has over 40 years experience in the sales, manufacture and repair of semi trailers and its latest creation is yet another innovative design from the Queensland based company.

The people who make it the difference

O'Phee Trailers are a rarity in today's mass produced world. They make unique trailers to each customer's specification but they refuse to compromise on one point - quality. 

O’Phee trailer’s Co Director, Sharon O’Phee, has been elected the first female chair of the CVIAQ.

Sharon O'Phee elected as first female chairperson of the CVIAQ.

Load it in and Walk-It-Out

Waltons Wood Products have combined their two main freight requirements into one very cost effective transporter thanks to O’Phee Trailers.

O’Phee ‘Industry voice’ talks to Trailer Body Builders magazine

TBB speaks with Rocklea based speciality trailer builder, Mick O’Phee, on his innovative trailer building success, recent new designs, and women in the transport industry.

O’Phee Trailer

Wacol based, O’Phee Trailers, have teamed their unique design and quality production facility with a can do attitude that has seen them continually adapt designs to suit the changing demands of the operator.

trucking helicopters by road

O'Phee Trailers involved in a world first: trucking helicopters by road.

O’Phee Trailers

Sliding the canopy is so easy and you can open it up one handed if you need to. The protection that it gives the product is first class. You can have the canopy continue past the end of the trailer if you want to, so you’ve got a full uninterrupted deck space to load.

O’Phee Trailers

CONFUSED? When it’s O’Phee Trailers you want, be sure it’s O’Phee Trailers you talk to.

walkit out Trailers

O’Phee Trailers have just released their newly designed “Lightweight” range of “Walkit Out” Trailers.