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scale models

The scale modelling community is massive and they sure are a passionate bunch. Whether it’s 1:50 scale models of heavy haulage trailers, aircraft or their favourite pop culture icon, there’s a place where they can all come together to admire techniques and feats. That place in Brisbane is the Queensland Model Hobbies Expo (QMHE).

O’Phee Trailers

Welcome back to our recent deliveries round-up for July, where we take a closer look at some of the trailers built by O’Phee Trailers and Drake Trailers. This month we delivered three incredible trailers to G.James, Carter Heavy Haulage & Transport and Patlin Transport & Heavy Haulage. 

agricultural trailer

Farms are an integral part of the Australian way of life. Over 60% of the entire country is devoted to farms of some sort, and through them, we are a massive contributor to the world’s food basket. However, farms are also one of the biggest sources of injury or worse.

Steerable Low Loader

It’s rare to get a once-off customer at The Drake Group. Most of our best customers have been with us for years, with some filling up their entire fleet with Drake Trailers. That’s certainly the case for Triton Transport Services. With the guys from Triton picking up their latest low loader, we thought it was about time we shine the spotlight on them as our Customer in Focus for July.

Can you find the oldest Drake Trailer?

Continuing our efforts to mark The Drake Group’s 60th Anniversary, we’re excited to be announcing a brand-new competition on our Instagram and Facebooks accounts. The aim of the competition is to find the oldest (and still registered!) Drake Trailer in Australia. We’ve always said that Drake Trailers are built to last a long time in this country’s harsh driving environments, and this will demonstrate exactly what we mean.

Getting ready for the changes to chain of responsibility (CoR) laws

We’ve talked previously about the proposed changes to the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) laws that were due to come into effect in the middle of 2018. On October 1, 2018 this will become a reality for every business involved in the design, manufacture or operation of anything in the heavy vehicle industry. This includes corporations or partnerships, employees and company directors, drivers and their contractors, and even people who schedule deliveries or manage their unloading.

PBS uptake is on the rise

In Part One of our look into the uptake of the Performance-Based Standards initiative, we looked at how the PBS is structured and how it is offering potential benefits to drivers, owners and the environment.

PBS uptake is on the rise

The Performance-Based Standards scheme continues to change the way the nation’s drivers travel across the country. First devised by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator in October 2007, the scheme uses a set of 16 safety standards and four infrastructure standards to determine if a vehicle is suitable to carry extra loads on the existing PBS-rated road networks. This is so that the right vehicles are matched to the right roads and in turn get matched to the right tasks.

The Drake Group Open Day

2018 is a banner year for The Drake Group. Not only are we continuing to deliver reliable, high-performing heavy haulage trailers built for Australian conditions, but the company is celebrating 60 years of Drake Trailers. And to mark the occasion, the company is hosting a Drake Group Open Day on September 15 2018.

 Low Loaders

Drake Trailers and CTS Low Loaders go back many years. We’ve built a tonne – in fact, hundreds of tonnes – worth of trailers for the crew to transport heavy haulage and equipment Australia-wide.