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What were you doing 27 years ago? If you were Bowers Heavy Haulage, you would have been preparing to transport one of the largest bulldozers ever manufactured, the Komatsu D575A on a very special Drake Trailers low loader.

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As one of Australia’s most trusted and longest-running trailer manufacturers, The Drake Group has always kept a keen eye on what is happening in the local transport industry. With 60 years’ experience, we have seen the shape of business change with the times and look forward to seeing what happens next.

Road Safety Week

Road safety is important to everyone. With millions of vehicles on the road every day across Australia, it’s vital to ensure the safety everyone who just wants to make their deliveries, get to work on time, and most importantly come home safely.

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Included in every March issue of the essential industry news resource Trailer Magazine, the Body Builder Showcase comprehensively highlights Australia’s range of transport industry manufacturers. After being featured in previous years, O’Phee Trailers and Drake Trailers are proud to be listed prominently in this year’s Showcase with their range of trailers that are designed and manufactured in Australia.

April 28 is World Day for Safety and Health at Work

At all levels of The Drake Group, we take safety very seriously. After all, it’s the people that design, manufacture and deliver our heavy haulage trailers that matter the most and ensuring they work in an environment that prioritises their safety is of paramount importance. This is why we’re celebrating this year’s World Day for Safety and Health at Work on Saturday, April 28.  

Customer in Focus: Monadelphous Group

“Together we deliver” is Monadelphous Group’s tagline and this month we did just that. Through a massive effort by O’Phee Trailers, Drake Trailers and Monadelphous Group, the delivery of 11 O’Phee and Drake trailers went off without a hitch. It’s for this reason that Monadelphous Group is our April 2018 Customer in Focus.

It’s that time of the month readers! We take pride in each and every trailer we design and build at The Drake Group, so why not take the time to highlight some of our recent deliveries?   

Transport and logistic skills are in demand

In part one of our series on the findings of the Hays Jobs Report (January - June 2018), we looked at how the future of many industries across the country are changing due to new markets and technologies. These will require workers of the future who have skills learned in the transport and logistics fields. This final part examines the Trades & Labour, Resources & Mining and Oil & Gas sectors.

Transport and logistic skills are in demand

The job market in Australia is continually evolving. As new business markets open and technologies change, so do the opportunities for the new and experienced job seeker. Both business owners and their staff need to be keeping an eye on new developments in the employment sector, as it indicates what developments lie ahead for the upcoming year and beyond.

Each month, we take the time to highlight some of the impressive trailers rolling off The Drake Group lot and recognise the hard work that goes into manufacturing heavy haulage trailers for every kind of industry. Our Recent Deliveries for March focus on Full Widener trailers and Dolly Trailers for two great customers – it seems these trailers are the flavour of the month.