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Customer in Focus: Monadelphous Group

“Together we deliver” is Monadelphous Group’s tagline and this month we did just that. Through a massive effort by O’Phee Trailers, Drake Trailers and Monadelphous Group, the delivery of 11 O’Phee and Drake trailers went off without a hitch. It’s for this reason that Monadelphous Group is our April 2018 Customer in Focus.

It’s that time of the month readers! We take pride in each and every trailer we design and build at The Drake Group, so why not take the time to highlight some of our recent deliveries?   

Transport and logistic skills are in demand

In part one of our series on the findings of the Hays Jobs Report (January - June 2018), we looked at how the future of many industries across the country are changing due to new markets and technologies. These will require workers of the future who have skills learned in the transport and logistics fields. This final part examines the Trades & Labour, Resources & Mining and Oil & Gas sectors.

Transport and logistic skills are in demand

The job market in Australia is continually evolving. As new business markets open and technologies change, so do the opportunities for the new and experienced job seeker. Both business owners and their staff need to be keeping an eye on new developments in the employment sector, as it indicates what developments lie ahead for the upcoming year and beyond.

Each month, we take the time to highlight some of the impressive trailers rolling off The Drake Group lot and recognise the hard work that goes into manufacturing heavy haulage trailers for every kind of industry. Our Recent Deliveries for March focus on Full Widener trailers and Dolly Trailers for two great customers – it seems these trailers are the flavour of the month.

4X4 Deck Widener

Our Customer in Focus for March is Corbet’s Group. These guys have garnered a fair bit of attention on our Facebook page over their new 4X4 Deck Widener and their immaculately restored 1986 Mack Super-Liner in honour of founding grandfather Jack Corbet.

heavy vehicle finance

While providing excellent value for money and many long years of dependable service, heavy haulage equipment is not exactly an impulse purchase. The expert craftsmanship and dedication to quality found in a Drake Group trailer comes at a price that can sometimes be out of reach for growing businesses. However, tailored finance options are available through Drake Group and QPF Finance Group.

Drake Collectibles

Drake Collectibles has had a busy start to the year, showcasing their new models at two reputable fairs, right here in Australia and across the globe in Nuremberg, Germany.

Push boundaries with flexible Retract-X

It comes as no surprise that container transport is big business in Australia. Spread out across our vast land is over 500,000+ registered trucks delivering containers, packages, produce and the like to consumers and businesses. 50% of truck and trailer combinations are meant for long-distance intrastate and the rest are local movements, so it’s only natural container transportation companies would invest in a durable container skel trailer that can go the distance, in both local and intrastate.

What are the different types of O’Phee BoXLoaders?

Since the initial collaboration (or marriage, as we like to call it) of O’Phee Trailers and French company BoXLoader, their models have gone from strength to strength. In 2011, they launched the O’Phee BoXLoader Container Side loader trailer which was warmly welcomed by the industry at the 2011 Brisbane Truck Show. Skip forward seven years and the O’Phee BoXLoader collaboration has benefited greatly from the steady rise in container traffic, turning their brand into a household name among the container transport fraternity.