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Automotive Heavy Vehicle Sector IRC Four Year Work Plan

Welcome to part two in our series on the Automotive Vehicle Manufacturing Sector IRC Four Year Work Plan. In this part, we’ll be taking a closer look at the 4-year plan for the Heavy Vehicle sector. This is a fantastic document directed by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee who commissioned the Industry Reference Committees (IRC), in partnership with Auto Skills Australia, to create a new model for developing and maintaining training packages.

Automotive Vehicle Manufacturing (Bus, Truck & Trailer) Sector IRC Four Year Work Plan

As manufacturers of heavy transport trailers for 60 years, you could say we’re veterans when it comes to evolution, change and innovation in our industry. We’ve seen and been a part of it all: new and futuristic technologies, new ways of working and new rules and regulations to be at the forefront of.

Top 10 mining trends for 2018

A key part of keeping the mining industry thriving during times of uncertainty is keeping a keen eye on future trends and technologies. Being able to see what is around the corner is a fundamental requirement for any modern business, and mining transport companies are no exception.

Recent Deliveries February 2018

As much as we love seeing photos of Drake and O'Phee trailers out on the road and doing their thing on-site, there’s a certain affinity we have for seeing our most recent deliveries roll out of the manufacturing facility for the first time. Look at some of our latest efforts and you will see why.

Bula! If you're in Fiji, that’s how the catch-all, most-frequently-used word in Fijian that mostly means hello. What’s the reason for the language lesson? Well, the team at O’Phee Trailers recently delivered one of their brand-new designs, the O’Phee “Step Over” Boxloader, to ZAR Logistics who are in beautiful Fiji.

Manufacturing sees strong start to 2018

It’s one thing for Australian trailer manufacturers to feel like the manufacturing industry is improving, but seeing hard data to support this sentiment is something else entirely.

Improved access rules for B-double livestock carriers

Animal welfare and transport efficiency are the big winners in recent ordinance changes made by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator.

Driver availability is impacting the transport industry and Australian society (Part two)

Welcome to part two in our series on Volvo Group Australia’s report on the availability of professional truck drivers and how driver availability impacts the transport industry and Australian society.

Driver availability is impacting the transport industry and Australian society (Part one)

Has the view of “without truck drivers, Australia stops” lost its impact on everyday Australians? Apparently so, according to Volvo Group Australia. The manufacturer of heavy vehicles in Australia, along with many of manufacturers and businesses, are noticing a looming problem with professional truck drivers. There simply isn’t enough of them.

Industry job prospects brighten in 2018

The ManpowerGroup Employment Survey has long been revered as a key indicator of how the future of employment looks around the world. For over 50 years the organisation has been analysing employment trends across countries, industry sectors and company sizes, and is one of the most trustworthy sources of this type of information globally.